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Tim Bull

Solution Director



Tim leads transformational IT solutions sales and programme delivery for the world’s top IT services providers, sector leaders and government. He is driven by supporting customers to derive sustained benefits through procuring, consuming and evolving the best IT services and practices for their organisation. Informed by tangible success criteria set collaboratively in accordance with analyst, investor and board objectives, he ensures that benefits realisation becomes the defining characteristics of any large IT transformation programme.

Tim is the principle architect of a new Cloud IT Governance methodology and paradigm shift programme, which he also delivers as a journeyman IT business transformation consultant embedded deeply within customer organisations. Between customer programme engagements, Tim is a regular sector and cloud technology transformation speaker, panellist and thought leader.

He has published numerous whitepapers in combination with Gartner, IDG and Forrester, and is continually evolving strategic products and services to better serve ever changing customer requirements across all sectors.