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Darryll Colthrust

Director of Innovation

Palmer Capital


I am an architect and strategist with over 16 years’ technological experience in both the public and private sector. I have worked within multiple business environments on a global scale, including: Retail, Publishing, Marketing and Operations. In each industry, my goal has been to transform business vision at every stage; from initial requirements and analysis, through to the design and implementation of solutions. I have experience in a plethora of technologies and can engage with front-office, technical teams, vendors and senior stakeholders. My strength lies not only in aligning IT roadmaps and strategies with business needs, but in pre-empting business strategy with pioneering architecture.

I believe good communication skills and the ability to engage with colleagues and clients at all levels and in all regions is vital. This belief fuels my drive to motivate, support and influence others so that together we can continually push boundaries. I have natural leadership skills and my constant desire to raise the bar and bring the best out in people creates an engaging and dynamic working environment.